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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

SOUNDS LIKE: First Aid Kit

Ontario-based singer-songwriter, Natalie Reis, released her debut EP "Bones On Fire" earlier this year, on March 27. An active creator on Instagram, this multi-instrumentalist released four influential tracks, titled "Lost It All", "Hell I Can't Wait", "Bones on Fire" and "Space and Time".

At first listen, it's difficult to pinpoint the familiarity with which Reis tells her stories. The bittersweet lyricism of "Lost It All" and the catchy vocal hook of "Hell I Can't Wait" are reminiscent of the best kind of country music, transporting the listener to Natalie's world, where she decides how the story ends. Featuring a passionate 8-bar solo by Nicholas Gierczak, "Hell I Can't Wait" is perhaps Reis' most convincing tale, only competing with the final track, "Space and Time", which boasts a folksy melody and a groove that just makes you want to dance.

While Natalie writes mainly about love, she doesn't only focus on the good things. "Bones on Fire - EP" is penned with a strong sense of self-awareness, exploring the longing and loss that comes with relationships. As a debut release, this one is definitely worth listening to, and Natalie Reis is someone you'd definitely want in your playlist.

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